Research Projects

(1) Materials chemistry, physics and devices

Our research in this area includes the following projects:

  • - Synthesis of nanomaterials, with high degree of perfection, atomic precision, and homogeneity.
  • - Characterization by microscopy, spectroscopy, transport…techniques at the atomic-level and link structures and chemical information with materials properties. Correlate atomic scale material structures with properties.
  • - Discover exciting new phenomena/physics with atomically well-defined materials synthesized under high degree of control.

Currently, our research focuses on the following topics, including materials synthesis, characterizations and functional devices:

Carbon nanotubes

Chirality control, separation, electrical transport measurements, photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy, SERS and metal enhanced photoluminescence.

Graphene sheets

Chemical derivation from bulk graphite, chemical functionalization and doping.

Graphene nanoribbons

Chemical synthesis, edge and plane functionalization, atomic scale structural characterizations, transport measurements and Raman spectroscopy.

Microscopy, electrical transport, and spectroscopy measurements

Room temperature and quantum transport measurements, aberration corrected TEM, Raman, photoluminescence, XRD, X-ray spectroscopy.

Gold plasmonic nanostructures in the near-infrared

Synthesis of Au islands, plates and films for SERS and metal enhanced fluorescence in the near-infrared.

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