Research Projects

(3) Materials chemistry approaches to nano-biotechnology and nano-medicine

Overall, our research in this area is aimed at:

  • - Utilization of the unique physical properties of nanomaterials for biological systems.
  • - Development of better detection, imaging, diagnosis and treatment of diseases (cancer, atherosclerosis...) using based on interesting properties of nanomaterials.

Our research in this area includes the following aspects:

    • Synthesis and functionalization of novel nanomaterials for biological applications
      • - Carbon nanotubes, nano-graphene oxide, FeCo/graphene nanocrystals, plasmonic Au/Au films, plasmonic Au nanoplates
    • Biosensors and microarrays
      • - Multiplexed, multicolor Raman tags for protein microarrays with SERS; Fluorescence based microarrays on Au/Au nanofilms with metal enhanced photoluminescence.
      • - Development of microarrays with broad dynamic range and high sensitivity.
    • Near-infrared fluorescence enhanced molecular imaging and single cell tracking on plasmonic Au substrates
      • - Up to 10 fold fluorescence enhancement of NIR fluorophores (dyes, nanotubes, quantum dots) for highly sensitive molecular imaging.
    • Near infrared imaging (0.8-1.4 mm) in vivo
      • - Imaging beyond the traditional NIR 0.7-0.9 mm window from cells to animals. 
    • Materials for drug delivery (small molecules, siRNA…), photothermal therapy and synergistic combination for cancer treatment
      • - Nanomaterials for disease treatment with high efficacy, low toxic side effects at low doses.