Current Research Projects

While we are open to any new ideas in the area of nanotechnology and materials chemistry and physics, our current research focuses on the synthesis of novel materials, characterizations and several application areas. The following are some of our specific projects.

(1) Materials chemistry, physics and devices

Synthesis and characterizations of

- Carbon nanotubes
- Graphene sheets
- Graphene nanoribbons
- Electrical transport measurements and nanoelectronics
- Gold plasmonic nanostructures in the near-infrared


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(2) Nanoscience for energy research: energy storage, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis

- Metal oxide, hydroxide and sulfide nanocrystals
- Lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
- Hybrid materials for oxygen reduction catalyst for fuel cells
- Water splitting/hydrogen evolution/Oxygen evolution catalysts
- Novel photocatalysts Click here for specific projects in this area


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(3) Nano-biotechnology and nano-medicine

- SERS biosensors and multi-color Raman imaging
- Protein microarrays on gold substrates with enhanced fluorescence
- Drug delivery using novel nanomaterials
- Fluorescence imaging in NIR II (> ~900nm)
- Photothermal cancer therapy


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Contact Info

Hongjie Dai

Department of Chemistry

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